About Us

M/s Jai Ambike Petrochemicals was formed in the year 1994 by Mr. Rajeev Singh Thakur (Proprietor) and has emerged as one of the trusted names in supply of Petrochemicals like Bulk Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsion, Light Diesel Oil and Furnace Oil across the country.

We offer a wide range of grades of bitumen like 80/100, 60/70 and 30/40, both of domestic market make as well as imported international market make.

  • Grades of Bitumen Emulsion: Slow Setting, Rapid Setting & Medium Setting. We supply directly from the refineries and also from our own plant.
  • Refinery grade Furnace Oil according to the customer application & requirement.
  • Our own manufactured Bio – Light Diesel Oil & refinery grade Light Diesel Oil according to the customer application & requirement.

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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
120 Arenja Arcade, Sector 17, Vashi

Alternate: 022-67913454

Our high-grade & best quality Petrochemical Products supply has been much appreciated over the years by our clients. We have our own fleet of Tanker Trucks and provide customers with hassle free end to end supply solution. We have a dedicated team working round the clock which helps us to fulfil our commitments related to product quality & timely delivery. We have been catering to the various types of Industries like Road Construction, Infra, Mills, and Textile etc. Customizing solution according to customer needs is our focus. Our target is to achieve a capacity of 10000 Tonnes Annually by 2015-16 & 50000 Tonnes Annually by 2016-17.

M/s Jai Ambike Petrochemicals has witnessed a splendiferous growth since its inception in the year 1994. Under the sagacious vision of our Proprietor Mr. Rajeev Singh, we have set benchmarks of quality in the industry for others to follow.

Sister Concern

To become a one stop solution for all the customer requirements, a sister firm specialized in Petrochemical Transportation M/s Ocean Bulk Carriers was formed. M/s Ocean Bulk Carriers consists of a fleet of 50+ Tanker Trucks and has been actively involved in providing Petrochemical Logistic Solutions to many key industries, companies & their respective project sites.

We are dedicated & committed towards serving our clients with services that match international standards.

Human Resource

A Dedicated team of 100 employees work under the leadership of Mr. Rajeev Singh. End to end processes have been mapped out according to individual employee skill set & strengths