What is LDO?

Light diesel oil (LDO) is a blend of distillate fuel with a small proportion of residual fuel. LDO is used for diesel engines, generally of the stationery type operating below 750 rpm For Ex: Lift irrigation pump sets, DG Sets and as a fuel in certain boilers and furnaces.


Our Supply

Jai Ambike Petrochemicals has been catering to the Light Diesel Oil industrial needs since last 20 years across various states. We have our own logistics support and provide our clients with hassle free end to end supply solution. Our Rates and Product Quality is the best in market. We supply both HPCL Grade (Refinery Grade) & our Own Manufactured Bio – LDO according to the customer need.


  • As fuel for lower RPM engines
  • As fuel for Lift irrigation pump sets and DG sets
  • As fuel for certain boilers and furnaces